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“Freshness that you could feel, quality that you can taste” is our motto. We make certain that we provide the finest and the most fresh ingredients for our attentive baristas to make your drinks. Our goal is to let everyone to enjoy our drinks with trust, confident, and assurance. 

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Freshness that you could feel, quality that you can taste




Michelin-star certified

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Tiger Brown Sugar Boba Latte

Roast brown sugar, fresh milk and boba.

Ube Coffee

Ube paste, organic fresh milk, fresh brew robusta coffee

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Mango matcha latte

Hey Sesame

Caffeine free. Large blended sesame w/oat milk.

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Taro Mochi

taro milk tea with mochi

Strawberry Overload

strawberry smoothie made w/fresh strawberries, mixed w/yogurt and topped with strawberry bites

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